Reviews for “Mind, Set & Match”

“Your book absolutely hit the spot. As soon as I finished it, I read it again!
It really has changed my life.”

Lynda Buntin

“I couldn’t put your book down and finished it at 3am in the morning. It is brilliant and as you say has actually shown me how to “achieve more success, more easily, with less stress.” Thank you. ”

Photographer, Vilma Hing

“I have just finished reading your book. It is fabulous. It hasn’t just struck a chord, it’s playing a whole album. I’ve spent so many years doing what I thought others wanted and expected of me rather than what interests and excites me. You have given me the inspiration to focus on doing what I love. I have sent several people copies of your book because I love and care about them. Thank you.”

Jon Majeika

“Sunil Bali is an amazing individual who walks his talk. I totally love his weekly column which I signed up to and suggest that you do the same at, anyway that’s NOT the recommendation, the recommendation is his amazing book, “Mind, Set & Match!” I read this book within 72 hours of receiving it, the book touches, moves and inspires anyone who is open to their true feelings and willing to raise their game!
Buy it for someone you care about. ”

Deepak Lodhia

“I read Sunil’s book in a single sitting. It is so full of passion for life that I didn’t want to put it down. Whoever you are, and however hard you think your heart is, you will be moved and inspired.”

BJC Europe Ltd, Benita Sutton- Cegrra

“A down to earth, practical and truly inspirational book.”

Doug Holman

“The world is a better place because of your book …and people need to know that.”

M.D., Social Pioneers Ltd, Bill Mather

“Your book is fabulous and I’m sure will help many people.”

Nick Williams
Bestselling author of “Do the Work that you were Born to Do”

“I have to say that your book was amazing!!”

London College of Spirituality, Jenny Martin

“Your book is very enlightening and has encouraged me to rebalance what I’m doing. I have a sense of clarity which has been missing for some time.”

Thanks again
Steve Axtell

“Great book Sunil!”

Sales Director, Jer Regnier

“I enjoyed every single page and it has made me think rather differently about what my future should be. Thank you for that! You write brilliantly!”

Thames Valley Police, Claire Baker

“Sunil- I greatly enjoyed your presentation and I’ve found your book to be inspiring.

“I’ve read and listened to a lot of self help over the last 15 yrs or so but the range of your quotes combined with the personal touches you added made it feel really pertinent.

“I’m also the son of 1st generation immigrants and I’d like to truly thank you for that fizz of inspiration again.”

Architect, MA DipArch RIBA ARB, Michele Ragozzino

“Wow! Your book is an excellent, rich, compact read.

“Your book helped remind me who I am. So a big thank you.”

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Joe Hall

“Sunil brings an inspirational approach to life, work and combining the two. His book “Mind, Set and Match” stands out for its excellent mix of humour, passion and challenging questions. I can thoroughly recommend Sunil and his work for anyone looking to challenge themselves and explore their potential.”

M.D, Global Recruitment Solutions, Luke Schanche

“Thank you for a most inspiring book. I have very much enjoyed reading it.”

Director, Fresh Waters Consultancy, Maureen Salmon

“A friend gave me a signed copy of your book. I love it and it is now covered in my notes.”

Maria Christensen

“Mind, Set & Match is a must for anyone who feels they have lost their way in our frenetic world. Your life experience comes shining gloriously through as you help those who seek a better way in life.”

Jess Miller

“Sunil’s book contains some key messages and tools to achieve greater clarity and success. Both inspiring and practical, I highly recommend it.”

Managing Partner, Veni Partners LLP, Thomas Drewry

“Your book made very inspirational reading. Many congratulations on writing a book that is not only both interesting and easy to read but also very practicable on how to apply your techniques. Reading your book has certainly made me dust down the old grey cells and re-focus on what is really important in life – both personal and business.”

IT Consultant, Vinod Mistry

“I love your sparkly book and quoted from it this morning at a teacher’s conference”

Schools Inspector, Prydwen.Elfed-Owens

“I read your book and loved it for many reasons, but largely for its easy to read style and the quotations you used. Sunil, your book is a marvel.”

Director, Wellbeing Events, Lizzi Vandorpe

“An eye opening book which really makes you consider whether you are doing the right things in life. ”

Petri Rinne

“This easily digestible read has made a real difference to how I run my business. Highly recommended”

Jim Peacock

“Your book is helping me to discover and be my true self and helping me to map a new more positive and fulfilling future for myself. Thank you so much for your book. It travels with me daily!”

Lorraine Adams

“I loved your book. Well done, very original and inspirational.”

IT Consultant, Jumoke Alli