Hello and a very warm welcome to my site.

I’ve always been fascinated by human relationships and why some people wallow in mediocrity whilst others achieve great success.

Consequently, I’ve collected various bits of paper down the years – degree in Sports Psychology, MBA, qualified psychotherapist – to find the answers.

Whilst this has been valuable, it was my own journey up the corporate ladder which proved to be the most enlightening.

As a former Head of Talent for two of Europe’s largest companies, Vodafone Group and Santander, and having run a £50m business myself, I’ve been responsible for hiring over 50000 people and have had the pleasure of working with some great entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders.

During this time I’ve found that one of the key things successful business people have in common, is that they are trusted.  This trust enables them to enjoy deeper relationships, faster results and a stronger bottom-line. Their success is always achieved with and through the help of others.

I’m on a mission to help create authentic, sustainable and rewarding business relationships.

To this end, I help entrepreneurs and professionals to generate stronger relationships, results and revenues by showing them how to increase the level of trust that people have in them and their business.