by Sunil Bali, 18-11-18

Leading performance psychologist and Chairman of the Human Performance Institute Dr. Jim Loehr said, “Your mindset puts a lid on what you can achieve, because your body hears everything your mind says and acts accordingly."

If you go to a restaurant you wouldn’t order your least favourite dish would you?

Yet when it comes to our thinking, we humans have a habit of choosing the most unsavory thought patterns that don’t support what we want to achieve.

If beating ourselves up worked, we would all have a six-pack, a fat wallet and a permanent grin.

When we align our thinking to our vision, move our mental cursor to what we want, and stay on the right page, the universe has a habit of falling into line and producing copious quantities of synchronicity, serendipity and success.

Thoughts can be like X-rays, choose the right ones and they’ll go through anything.



Vampire films aren’t very good these days; fangs aren’t what they used to be.

Sign outside a nudist resort: “Sorry. Clothed For The Winter."

Well it’s,

One for the money

Two for the show

Three to get ready

Four for marketing

Five for customer services

Six to hear these options again


Live big & love deep.