The cult of being average …..

by Sunil Bali, 02-04-2017

At the age of 12, Todd Rose was a high-school dropout struggling to support his wife and two small children. He was on state benefits and had worked his way through ten minimum wage jobs in two years.

Todd remembers his report cards at school which had a common thread and read, "He’s a little hyperactive and finds it difficult to fit in."

One day when he was at a very low ebb, blaming his school and teachers for his misfortune, Todd’s father – who had worked his way up from tea boy and floor cleaner to mechanical engineer – gave him some life changing advice: "I’ve lived with you for 21 years Todd. You’re not lazy or stupid. You just need to find something that really interests you and someone to teach it to you."

His dad’s words hit home so he enrolled in a series of human biology classes at his local college.

Todd found the psychology classes gripping, not least because he realized that school had not worked out because he was outside the range of the average, normal student and as such, not catered for.

The reality is that no one is actually completely average and has at least one skill or talent, be that as yet undeveloped, which is well above average.

In a world that has perpetuated the cult of the average and valued sameness, conformity is losing its grip on the reins as authenticity and exceptions rule.

There’s one thing that you’re a world champion at. No one does it better than you. You’re the best at being you. And when you’re being your best self, your world will transform from a round hole to the shape of your square peg.

Ps. Todd is now 41 years old and Professor of Education at Harvard.



  • Why did the old man fall in the well?
    Because he couldn’t see that well.
  • My friend’s a sheep farmer. He asked me to help him round up his 137 sheep.
    I said, "140".
  • What do we want?
    Low flying airplane noises!
    When do we want them?
  • What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals?
    Phillipe Phillope.
  • Whoever invented knock-knock jokes should get a Nobell prize.


Live big & love deep.


A horse and bull story …..

by Sunil Bali, 26-03-2017

Rucci was born into a family of grape farmers, but was always much more interested in mechanics and engines.

Rucci realized that the productivity of his farm would be far higher if he had a better, more reliable tractor. So he decided to build one.

His tractor was so good that other farmers wanted one. Rucci’s tractor business grew quickly bringing him considerable wealth. So much so that Rucci treated himself to a very expensive sports car.

Although he loved his sports car, it frustrated Rucci, as he found the ride unnecessarily rough and the transmission unreliable.

Given his expertise of building tractors which were reliable, robust and more comfortable than any other tractors, Rucci wrote to the owner of the luxury sports car firm offering his advice.

A few days later, Rucci received a very curt and dismissive reply from Enzo Ferrari telling him that he should keep his advice to himself and stick to building tractors.

Angered by Ferrari’s response, Ferruccio "Rucci" Lamborghini decided to grab his bull by the horns and design his own car.

The horse and the bull have been rivals ever since.

ps. The tractor in the photo is a Lamborghini tractor.



  • I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised.
  • My friend says to me: “What rhymes with orange” I said, “No it doesn’t."
  • How many opticians does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Is it one or two? One… or two?
  • What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
    A carrot.

      Tony Blair MP                        I’m Tory Plan B


Live big & love deep.


Running on plenty …..

by Sunil Bali, 19-03-2017

At the age of 54, John B. Goodenough invented the lithium battery which powers all our smart phones, tablets and laptops – as well as electric cars.

37 years later at the age of 94, John has unveiled a new, ultra-efficient, low cost battery which uses a sodium or lithium coated glass electrolyte. It will dwarf his original invention and make it redundant.

The new glass battery will allow electric cars to go three times the distance, and recharge in minutes instead of hours. It’s also far safer as it won’t explode and can operate in sub-zero temperatures.

The new glass battery will power our future solar powered and electric vehicles, homes and industries.

But John isn’t finished yet. He still works every day as a Professor at the University of Texas.

John believes humanity has a 30 year window to come up with an even more powerful "super battery" to take us entirely off fossil fuels, before the environmental damage we are creating becomes irreversible, and says, “I want to solve this problem before my chips are in ….. I still have time to go."

So if you ever think it’s too late to be successful, just remember John B. Goodenough.




For two years a multi-millionaire was having an affair with an Italian woman.

One night, she confided in him that she was pregnant.

Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he paid her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to secretly have the child. If she stayed in Italy to raise the child, he would also provide very generous financial support to both her and the child.

She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born. To keep it discrete, he told her to simply mail him a post card, and write "Spaghetti" on the back.

He would then arrange for the child support payments to begin. One day, about 9 months later, he came home to his confused wife. "Honey!" she said, "you received a very strange post card today."

"Let me see," the husband said a little flustered.

The wife watched as her husband read the card, turned white, and fainted.

On the card was written:

"Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti. Two with meatballs, one without. Send extra sauce."


Live big & love deep.


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