Have an art attack …..

by Sunil Bali. 13-08-2017

Research shows that smelling crayons can reduce your blood pressure by 10 points.

When you smell crayons you almost always, either:

  • focus completely on the smell of the crayons and let go of any negative thoughts or,
  • recall a happy childhood image or memory

In my seminars, I sometimes ask people to draw a very quick picture of a tea cup and saucer – they’ve got 15 seconds to do it. Do this now, or at least imagine the picture that you would draw.

I can make a prediction. Your drawing, just like virtually all the other drawings I’ve ever seen, is taken from a side view rather than a bird’s eye view, and the cup is in the saucer. Am I right?

Why does this happen? Because, before you even begin to think about the drawing, your brain has created your frame of reference.

When the same experiment is done with 5 year old children however, a significant proportion of children will draw the cup and saucer from a bird’s eye view, and a few will even draw the cup out of the saucer, on its side, or upside down.

As we get older we tend to see the world through a filter of preconceived ideas. Drawing, painting, playing a musical instrument, or an activity that makes your heart sing, will increase your ability to see more options and be more creative.

Time for an art attack?



  1. A man walked into the doctors, he said, "I’ve hurt my arm in several places." The doctor said, "Well don’t go there anymore."
  2. He’s got mood poisoning: It must be something he hate.
  3. Aircraft designers have constructed a plane made entirely of rubber, so that if it crashes, it bounces.

    It’s called a Boing 747.

  4. My computer crashed and now my wife’s computer has slowed down to see what’s happening.
  5. Did you hear about the German vampire who became a poet. He went from Bat to Verse.

I’m away for a couple of weeks so the kids can cross Disney off their bucket list. Back on 3rd September.

Until then …..


Live big & love deep.



Don’t be groan up …..

by Sunil Bali. 06-08-2017

Remember as a child when you couldn’t pass a swing without wanting to have a go?

Remember when your imagination transported you to a world where rockets were made from water bottles and castles were made of cushions?

Never, ever, lose the desire to climb a tree or run through sprinklers.

As the French philosopher Charles Baudelaire said, creative genius comes from those who have managed to stay in touch with their childhood and not got buried under the could, should and would of adulthood.

Don’t become stale.

Don’t ever be a groan up.



Someone threw a bottle of omega 3 pills at me.

Luckily my injuries were only super fish oil.

Frank and Tom meet after many a years and begin catching up on old times.

Frank: "Hey last time I heard, your engagement fell through. What happened?"

Tom: "Well it was her decision. She decided I wasn’t good enough for her."

Frank: "I’m so sorry to hear that. But you know what? You should have told her about your extremely wealthy dad, and how you would inherit his money."

Tom: "I did. She’s my stepmother now."


Live big & love deep.



Do you mind …..

by Sunil Bali, 30-07-2017

Leading performance psychologist and Chairman of the Human Performance Institute Dr. Jim Loehr said, "Your mindset puts a lid on what you can achieve, because your body hears everything your mind says and acts accordingly."

If you go to a restaurant you wouldn’t order your least favorite dish would you?

Yet when it comes to our thinking, we humans have a habit of choosing the most unsavory thought patterns that don’t support what we want to achieve.

If beating ourselves up worked, we would all have a six-pack, a fat wallet and a permanent grin.

When we align our thinking to our vision, move our mental cursor to what we want, and stay on the right page, the universe has a habit of falling into line and producing copious quantities of synchronicity, serendipity and success.

Thoughts can be like X-rays, choose the right ones and they’ll go through anything.



The result of the 1 metre dash for Snails at the Animalympics is:

1st       Uslime Bolt

2nd       Slow Farah

3rd       Antenna Joshua

I put an accumulator bet on 3 horses yesterday, Sunshine, Moonlight and Good Times. I didn’t win, I blame it on the bookie.

Well it’s,

One for the money

Two for the show

Three to get ready

Four for marketing

Five for customer services

Six to hear these options again


Live big & love deep.



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