by Sunil Bali. 24-06-2018

Having just turned seventeen, I asked my daughter why she was so confident that she will pass her driving test.

"I see hundreds, if not thousands of people every week who have passed their driving test so it can’t be that difficult," she replied.

I, however, can remember my first couple of driving lessons.

I learned to drive on a manual car. Every time I changed gear I pulled down the steering wheel and headed for oncoming traffic and every time I indicated I pushed the steering wheel up and headed straight for the kerb! It was a complete nightmare.

But when you think about, driving is actually a pretty difficult skill. You have to use both eyes, both ears, both hands and both feet all at the same time.

We would be well within our rights to give up. But we don’t, do we? And why not? Because everyday we see hundreds, if not thousands of people who have passed their driving test.

….. just imagine what you could achieve if you knew you couldn’t fail.




Live big & love deep.