by Sunil Bali. 29-04-2018

Andre Ingram is a greying 32-year-old who plays basketball in the US minor leagues.

However, playing minor league basketball doesn’t pay the bills, so Andre works as a mathematics tutor and a kids basketball coach to make ends meet.

Whenever he is asked "What do you do?", Andre replies, "I play basketball." When he reveals that he plays for a minor league team Andre says that he often notices the condescending, "Well you don’t play proper basketball" look on other peoples faces.

That was until last week, when Andre was spotted and called up by the Los Angeles Lakers, making him the oldest rookie in the NBA. The average age for a rookie is 22.

The word "refinery" means "a place where substances are made pure again."

When we’re born we start out fine. Then others de-fine us, so then we have to re-fine ourselves.

Ps. Andre turned in a brilliant performance on his debut (3 min video)



I was driving home when a policeman asked me to pull over.

"This is a spot check," he said.

I replied, "I’ve got a blackhead and a boil on my back side."

Man: If you were my wife, I’d poison your coffee.

Woman: If you were my husband, I’d drink it.

And lastly, breaking news ….. A nine year old girl has disappeared after using moisturiser that makes you look ten years younger.


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