by Sunil Bali. 11-02-2018

I’m more of a brown sauce man, but my son loves his tomato ketchup.

Despite repeatedly hitting the bottom of the bottle, he couldn’t get any ketchup onto the full English breakfast that lay before him.

More vigorous shaking and banging the bottle on the table…..still no ketchup.

Finally he gave up and resigned himself to a fry up with no ketchup: an act of sacrilege in his eyes.

"Let me have a go," I said. And with just one more shake, out flowed the ketchup.

In this age of instant gratification, success is far from instant.

We need to persist through the


As someone once said, "The road to failure is actually the path of least persistence."



  • I decided not to eat the poultry in case it wasn’t fresh – chicken doubt.
  • Rock band Dyslexia have just released an album of their Greatest 5hit.
  • Change is inevitable ….. except from a vending machine.


Live big & love deep.