by Sunil Bali. 15-10-2017

Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."

Tyson went on to explain, "Some of my opponents had good plans to beat me but folded under pressure, because they didn’t have enough belief in themselves and what they were doing."

Psychologist Professor Peter Clough defines mental toughness as, "Being able to express one’s own opinion and take independent action in any given situation."

In other words, when you’re caught between a rock and a hard place and are being squeezed, what comes out of you?

Is it anger, fear or conformity, or do you stick with it, express your opinion and do what you think is most important?

As astrophysicist Dr. Karel Schrijver says, "If you remember that ultimately your parents come from stars in the sky and that
you too, are made of stardust, it’s a lot easier to dream big and consistently believe in yourself."

Remember, it’s usually the bold that find streets paved with gold.



As Dave’s company had achieved its best ever results, it was decided that the annual conference would be held in Hawaii.

Soon after landing, Dave was sipping a margarita in the sunshine by the pool overlooking the Pacific.

He then joined the rest of his colleagues at an introductory briefing.

"We’ve arrived in paradise on an all expenses paid jolly, so why Dave, do you look like death warmed up?" asked Dave’s colleague Simon.

"Just as I was about to text my wife, I heard the call to attend the briefing, so I quickly finished typing my text but didn’t spellcheck it," replied Dave as he passed over his phone to Simon, which read:

We’ve landed in paradise and are enjoying cocktails by the pool. Wish you were her.


Live big & love deep.