by Sunil Bali, 02-07-2017

In his book "The Art of Possibility", Benjamin Zander – one of the world’s leading orchestra conductors – talks about the path from piano beginner to piano master.

For one year or two years, or even more, the kids trudge along. They practice and practice, pound every note and plod along.

Then suddenly they connect, lift themselves off the seat and as Zander calls them, become one buttock players.*

After countless hours of practice they truly believe that they can master the piano and get better through practice. And the better they get, the more they enjoy the practice. It’s an upward spiral.

The great piano virtuoso Paderwerski once played before an audience of the rich and famous. After a brilliant performance, a rather aloof member of the aristocracy haughtily proclaimed, "Maestro, you are a genius."

To which Paderwerski replied tartly, "Yes Madam. But before I was genius I was a clod."

….. Embrace the grind.

* I know this to be true as after 10 years of practice, practice and more practice, my 16 year old daughter Yasmin is embarking on her piano teaching exams. I remember when she became a one buttock player.



  • Handing over my ID at the post office, the clerk blurts out, "You’ve aged a bit since this photo was taken."
    "You’re dead right," I replied.
    "I had it taken just before I joined your queue."
  • I saw a flying saucer today …… it appeared after the flying cup my wife threw at me.
  • Have you heard about those new corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines.


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