by Sunil Bali, 26-02-2017

Cambridge University thinks that play is such an important component of creativity and emotional well-being, that it’s hiring a Professor of Play.

Research shows that a playful mindset at work, free of the burden of office politics and inauthetic hierarchical posturing, significantly enhances creativity and problem solving.

One could summarise much of the research into employee engagement and human performance as follows:

  1. You’re at your best when you’re a player and not a worker.
  2. It’s not about being professional, it’s about being authentic. When it comes to building trust “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine" works.
  3. Consistently long hours and sustained exhaustion is not a badge of honour, it’s a mark of stupidity. The answer isn’t more hours, its less bull**it.
  4. There is a direct correlation between smiles per hour and human performance.
  5. If your soul is soaring at work, so will you career and bank account.

Human behaviour at work is often inhibited by the perception that one needs to do, or say, the right thing in order to stay secure in one’s job or career.

It’s worth noting that the word secure is derived from the two Latin words se, meaning "without", and cure meaning "care".

Security is found when you’re an open channel for creativity, free of anxiety and without care.



It’s so windy outside that I got blown into the pub. I stayed in the pub until the wind had calmed down, but just as I left another huge gust blew me into Domino’s Pizza.

They say that 50 is the new 40. Try telling that to a cop holding a speed gun.

Do you remember a time when your mother’s voice was so loud and angry, that even your neighbour’s kids brushed their teeth and got dressed?


Live big & love deep.