by Sunil Bali, 18-09-16

Adults, unlike children, are rarely 100% in the moment.

Ask a child to draw and the child will gleefully put pencil to paper and enjoy the experience.

Ask an adult to draw and the paper becomes a thing which could be a good or bad picture: an opportunity for constant self-evaluation and self-doubt.

As we grow older we lose our childishness, but we also lose the ability to be childlike – to be spontaneous, not self-conscious and joyful.

Every child is born creative. The problem is trying to retain this innate creativity into adulthood, by breaking free of the shackles of conditioning and conformity.

As the great philosopher Alan Watts said, "Life is not a journey, it’s like a musical. The point isn’t to arrive, but to dance and sing whilst the music plays."

The goal is to be happy now, grow young and recapture the uninhibited energy of your childhood. Because it’s this playfulness and creative energy that will power you towards your success.



Breaking news:

Liverpool police have discovered £5million worth of drugs, eight AK47 assault rifles and nineteen handguns behind a library on the outskirts of the City Centre.

Residents are said to be deeply shocked, as they say they didn’t know they had a library.


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