by Sunil Bali, 11-09-16

Research by organizational psychologist Dr. Alicia Grandey, has found that putting on an emotional mask at work – conforming to a certain image or label that doesn’t correspond to who you are – drains you of energy that can only be replenished if you then have an opportunity to be yourself.

"You have to be real," Grandey says, "because thought suppression, or trying to stifle your natural behaviour in favour of conforming to a stereotype, results in mental strain."

Grandey goes on to say that, "When we are actively monitoring ourselves to conform, our mental energy decreases and results in limiting behavior which inhibits creative thinking."

So when you go to work, make sure you don’t leave your soul at home and are not grim on the inside, grin on the outside, and proper.



  • I just ate a large can of alphabet pasta and had the largest vowel movement ever.
  • Deja Moo – when you know you’ve seen this bull5hit before.
  • I didn’t realise removing my doorbell would have such a knock on effect.


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