by Sunil Bali, 04-09-16

A woman goes to the opticians and returns a pair of spectacles.

"They’re my husbands," she says. "He’s still not seeing things my way."

Of course, it’s great when people see things our way, but if they don’t, SUMO: shut up and move on.

Steve Jobs famously mocked his design team if he ever felt that they were holding back their creativity, for fear of having their work rejected and being criticised.

Jobs said that his vision and making a dent in the universe mattered more to him than his ego being stroked and fitting in.

Jobs had the courage to speak his truth, be himself, and went through life with his emotional handbrake off.

As a result, his life went from being a bit of a maze to being amazing.



I heard my wife in the kitchen say, "Would you like chicken, beef or pork, my dear."

"Chicken would be lovely, thank you," I replied.

She replied, "You’re having cabbage soup, you fat slob. I was talking to the cat."


Live big & love deep.