by Sunil Bali, 29-08-16

One of the fundamentals of Zen is that "All things exist to express what they are."

So your soul’s deepest desire is to experience life authentically as who you really are.

If you don’t live your truth and do what makes you happy, then you get truth ache.

This ache is a sign that you need to do more of what you love.

If you continue to repress who you truly are, then truth decay sets in which disrupts both your physical and emotional well-being.

The most important thing I learned as a psychotherapist, is that attaining happiness and fulfillment isn’t so much about getting better, as it is about letting go of everything that isn’t you.

If you celebrate your uniqueness, the world will too, because subconsciously it wants the same freedom.

Don’t sacrifice your sense of adventure on the altar of self-preservation because there’s a fine line between self-preservation and embalming.

Remember and rediscover who you were, before the world started to tell you what you were not.



I get sent a lot of jokes which whilst very funny, are too blue too publish.

I will however share this photo of a couple of topless strippers,

My doctor was quite a large man. He looked like the only thing he’d ever cured was pork.

I met an estate agent who didn’t know the abbreviation for ‘apartment’. I thought, "that’s apt".

My dad suggested that I register for a donor card. He’s a man after my own heart.


Live big & love deep.