by Sunil Bali,29-05-16

Michael had always wanted to be a writer, but his parents convinced him to follow a more secure career path.

So they were delighted when their son graduated with a degree in Medicine from Harvard.

After his graduation, Michael explained to his parents that while he was being trained to save other people’s lives, he was losing his own. And that was why he was giving them his medical certificate and not going to practise medicine.

Michael decided he must pursue a career as a writer. It was time to make life choice’s which were his own rather than those of his parents. It was time to express himself and chase his own dreams rather than someone else’s.

Should, could and would were no longer part of Michael’s vocabulary as he embarked on a path of joy and not obligation.

When one is being completely authentic and expressing every millimetre of one’s DNA, success frequently follows…..

Dr. Michael Crichton went on to sell over 200 million books and became the only artist whose works have simultaneously topped the New York Times bestsellers chart (Disclosure), the US TV charts (E.R) and the US Film charts (Jurassic Park)



Quirky and clever business names:


Florist Gump

Back to the Fuchsia


Fish & Chip shops

The Codfather

Alex Plaice

A Fish called Rhondaa (in Wales)

The Frying Scotsman (in Glasgow)



Curl Up and Dye

Ali Barber


Clothes shop

Geordie Armani (in Newcastle)


Kebab & Burger Vans

Jason Donervan

Hound of the Basket Meals


Flooring Shop

Lino Ritchie – "Hello. Is it me your looking floor?"


Live big & love deep.