by Sunil Bali, 20-03-16

There’s a cartoon in the New Yorker magazine where a boss behind a big desk tells a hapless subordinate, "The important thing, Smithers, is not that we understand one another, it’s that you understand me!"

If you’ve worked in cubicle nation long enough, the chances are that you’ve come across such a charisma bypass of a manager.

Fortunately, more and more organisations are recognising that self-awareness, authenticity and empathy lie at the heart of great leadership.

Professor Clay Christensen of Harvard Business School (HBS),believes that Inwards Bounds Management Courses have more to offer than Outwards Bounds Management Courses. He wrote a book and seminar programme on the subject entitled, “How will you measure your life?” It’s the most popular course at HBS. Christensen reminds us that the door to success and happiness opens inwards and not outwards.

Christensen advocates marinating your mind in idea stimulating marinades such as great books, nature and silence.

A survey by Forbes of the some of the worlds leading entrepreneurs reveals that they get their best ideas whilst,

  • Walking,
  • In the shower or
  • Spending time with great thinkers, or reading what they have to say.

Peter Drucker says that he managed to stay at the top of the management guru tree for 50 years not because he attended more conferences, but because he marinated his mind in great books: for example, he wrote about business alliances with reference to marriage alliances in Jane Austen.

Time to get marinating …..



Elephant art:

“Been drinking tonight Sir?" The policeman asked.

"I had one beer earlier, but that was all," I responded.

“I think you’ve had a few more than that Sir. Would you step out of the van please?"


“Because the Postman Pat ride is for children, and they’re waiting for you to get out so they can have their go."

Deja Moo – when you’ve heard this bull5hit before.


Live big & love deep.