by Sunil Bali, 06-03-16

Have you ever played a game where you’re much better than your opponent?

Whilst victory may be sweet, after a while the fact that winning is so easy makes the game boring doesn’t it?

Like swimming in the shallow end when you’ve just learned how to swim, the fun goes up a notch when your toes can only just touch the bottom or not at all.

The game of life is pretty much the same. Climbing trees is far more adventurous and fun than climbing fences.

Jumping across a stream is more adventurous and fun than jumping across a puddle.

Harvard psychologist Professor Dan Gilbert, says that, "Human progress comes from those who know their limits and consistently ignore them."

Whilst you won’t find your dreams next to the sofa, they’re never too far away. You just need to stretch a little in order to reach them.

Our dreams can be always be found when we venture to the edge of our comfort zone.

It’s where the real adventure starts.


If Frank Sinatra was an alligator:

- Dance like no one is watching. Encrypt like everyone is.

- I always carry a knife with me, in case of cake.

- A guy just threw milk at me. How dairy?

- Cleanliness is next to Godliness – what a terrible dictionary.

The perils of autocorrect:

"When he left this morning I could still smell his colon on my sheets."

Live big & love deep.