by Sunil Bali, 17-01-16

Whilst I’m very open minded and welcome feedback, I’m not that inclined to take "constructive" criticism from someone who hasn’t constructed anything.

Last week, I went through the contact list on my phone and deleted the psychic vampires, dream stealers and toxic relationships that drain me of energy.

Like a tree it was time to let the dead leaves fall off.

I gave those people who don’t appreciate my presence the gift of my absence.

I’m fortunate to have people in my life who will push me in exchange for being pushed, who will provide wise counsel, and who will tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

These are people who rather than put out my fire, seek to fan the flames, friends who don’t tell me to reduce the size of my dreams, but instead tell me to grow my spirit.

Before any of them became rich and famous, Henry Ford used to meet with four of his friends every month to discuss their businesses and brainstorm ideas. This is what the "mastermind group” developed:

Henry Ford – cars and the modern assembly line.

Thomas Edison – the light bulb and the motion picture camera.

Harvey Firestone – made the first tyres for the Model T and then made a huge fortune off said tyres.

Alexis Carrel – Nobel prize-winning surgeon who figured out how to suture blood vessels and prevent infection during surgery.

Charles Lindbergh – Hot shot aviator and the first person to make a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He also helped to design the Boeing 747.

These five friends regularly bounced ideas off each other.

Carrel and Lindbergh invented an artificial heart together.

Firestone helped get the Model T on the road, and Edison said that his friends helped him to shape his thinking and get him back to the drawing board after hundreds of his prototypes failed.

Five heads are clearly better than one.


Husband: Call an ambulance now! I’m having a heart attack!

Wife: (frantically picking up husband’s phone) What’s the code?

Husband: Its OK, I’m feeling better now.

Diary entry:

Today my friends asked me to go camping with them.

A list of the things I will need,

  1. New friends


And finally,

It was 27 years ago last week, that one of the funniest ever comedy scenes was filmed:

Only Fools and Horses (60 second video)