by Sunil Bali, 08-11-15

One of the fundamentals of Zen is that “All things exist to express what they are." So your souls deepest desire is to experience life authentically as who you really are.

A fish is best at doing the things a fish does, and we humans are best at doing what humans do, which is to do our own thing, whatever that may be. Because as the psychologist Dr. Oliver James said, "If you want to live a full and fulfilled life, do your own thing on your own terms."

Each action we take is an act of self-expression.

Each action we take is a choice between love and fear.

Fear wants you to conform, stay in your comfort zone and put your true voice on mute.

Love wants you to say what’s in your soul, express yourself and stop playing small.

The biggest thing I learned as a psychotherapist is that attaining happiness and fulfillment is not so much about getting better, its about letting go of everything that isn’t you.

If you celebrate your uniqueness, the world will too, because subconsciously it wants the same freedom.

Don’t sacrifice your sense of adventure on the altar of self-preservation because there’s a fine line between self-preservation and embalming.

Remember and rediscover who you were, before the world started to tell you what you were not.

Let the world know you as you are, and not as you think you should be.

Expose yourself. Reveal yourself in all your glory and come alive, because that’s what the world needs most; people who are truly alive.

Be yourself, because the world pays more for originals than it does for copies and replicas.


An accountant called his client called Frank, who was a very wealthy art collector.

"Frank, I’ve got some good news for you and I’ve got some bad news for you," said the accountant.

"Lets have the good news first," said Frank.

“Your wife invested $5000 in two erotic pictures and says that they are worth at least $20 to $25 million dollars. An independent expert has verified the pictures. They’re definitely authentic.

“That’s fantastic news,” said Frank. “What’s the bad news?”

“The pictures are of you with your secretary."