by Sunil Bali, 12-04-15

I’ve yet to taste a cherry from the 20 year old cherry tree in my garden.

It’s the same story every year.

Just when the cherries are at their juiciest, sweetest and most perfect, a squadron of birds of varying shapes and sizes descends and eats the lot.

It used to irritate me, but now I smile and marvel at my feathered friends perfect timing.

Zoologist Dr. Chris Packham says that birds don’t try and eat the fruit when it’s at its very best; they just do what they are born to do.

Harvard University’s Professor of Innovation, Clayton Christensen says that the great inventors and problem solvers down the ages have solved their problems by fixing their thinking. Christensen argues that when you fix your thinking, the problems fix themselves.

So how do you fix your thinking? Christensen recommends thinking nothing.

Lightbulb moments are most frequent when the mind is not fixed, open and at ease. Like when you’re driving, in the shower or out for a walk.

For centuries, scientists, philosophers and sages have proposed that nothing may in fact be the key to understanding everything, from the true nature of the consciousness to the expansion of the cosmos.

In Taoist philosophy it’s said that, "a truly good man does nothing yet leaves nothing undone. A foolish man is always doing, yet much remains to be done".

It’s quite possible then that unless we do nothing, we could get nowhere!


Computer: “Enter new password."

Me: “Beef stew”

Computer: “Sorry, not stroganoff”


Have you ever had a conversation with someone and wondered, "Who ties up your shoelaces?"


Have a great week.