by Sunil Bali, 25-08-13

You probably haven’t heard of Des McDonald.

He’s the former head chef of legendary restaurant The Ivy, in London’s Covent garden.

It was a surprise then, when McDonald decided to open a fish and chip chop in North London.

The shop has a salvaged appearance, the seating area looks second hand and the menu is very simple – there’s no evidence of the owners glamorous past.

But if Winston Churchill had ever opened a fish and chip shop this would be it.

This is real, life affirming food at its finest.

From cooking just about everything, McDonald has perfected one thing and business is booming….. food for thought?


  1. Two old men sitting on a park bench. One says to the other, "Did you know you’ve got a suppository in your ear." " Now I know where I put my hearing aid," his friend replies.
  2. Last week I saw a man playing "Dancing Queen" on a didgeridoo. I thought, "That’s aboriginal."
  3. A policeman came up to me and said I’d like to ask you a few questions as part of a murder that took place in your street. "Where were you between 4 and 6?" "Primary school," I replied.
  4. Following the sad death of Luciano Pavarotti, the Three Tenors will now be known as Twenty Quid.