by Sunil Bali, 02-06-13

Aaron Levie isn’t your typical multi-millionaire.

The 27 year old founder of cloud based storage company Box, likes to do deals in his local burger bar, wear trainers with a suit and drive his six year old family car.

Levie says that he’s enjoying his job too much to be distracted with buying luxuries. Whilst he doesn’t work all night anymore, he still works at weekends.

Levie doesn’t "work hard and play hard", because work and play are one and the same thing.

He talks about his work – which has made him worth over $100million – like a gleeful child talks about his favourite toy.

Levie has found the shortcut to success: love what you do, work hard every day and make sure that your work makes a difference

It’s clear, that when it comes to being a multi-millionaire, there are very few over night successes, but many worked overnight successes.


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