by Sunil Bali, 07-04-13

The actor Bill Nighy once described doing theatre as "like agreeing to be ill for two months."

Those who make a dent in the universe fight their fear, show up every day, and put a spring in our step.

Those who succumb to the fear of failure put their dreams on hold, wallow in mediocrity and start sentences with the words "If only."

Robin Sharma taught me an invaluable lesson to overcome fear: have quarterly goals, a weekly plan and daily schedule before you start each day.
When it comes to delivering your vision, the process of:

  • think it
  • ink it
  • do it
  • review it


When inspiration has dried up and you’re going through hell, your schedule will give you the focus to keep going.

Even with a schedule, fear will be a persistent visitor that knocks on your escape hatch telling you to check your e-mail or do what can wait.

Don’t listen. Keep surprising us, keep delighting us and keep showing up…..every day.

Remember….. life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It’s where the magic happens.


Caveman conundrum:

  • A house isn’t a home unless there’s someone using wi-fi.
  • Not wishing to be all technical, but alcohol is a solution.
  • The Law of Sadness: The reduction in sadness is directly proportional to the number of calories in the cake you eat.

My boss phoned me today. He said "Is everything OK at the office?"

I said "Everything is under control. It’s been a very busy day. I haven’t stopped to take a break all day."

"Can you do me a favour" he asked.

I said "Of course, What is it?"

"Pick up the pace a little. I’m behind you and waiting for you to putt so I can tee off."