by Sunil Bali, 03-02-13

I have a friend who is a Maths Professor. Now I don’t know much about Maths, but his passion for his subject is infectious. Every pore of his being exudes an intensity which is both inspiring and magnetic.

The people that leave their mark on this world, share this intensity…..Michelin starred chef Michel Roux, doting naturalist David Attenborough, and tie loathing billionaire Richard Branson, to name but a few.

Conversely, wherever you find an unsold product or service, you’ll find a passion vacuum.

To paraphrase the French philosopher Albert Camus, "Live to the point of tears, and the only tears you cry will be ones of joy."

Sure, a successful life requires a lightness of being and a sense of humour, but as best-selling author
Jeffery Gitomer says, "If you’re not on fire, you’ll lose to someone who is."


Husband: Get your coat on. I’m going to the pub.
Wife: That’s nice! Are you taking me out?
Husband: No. I’m turning the heating off.

My husband and I married for better or for worse. He couldn’t do any better and I couldn’t do any worse.

A policeman flags down an elderly driver and says, "Excuse me sir, didn’t you realise that your wife fell out of the car three miles back?" "Thank God!" the old man replied, "I thought I’d gone deaf."

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