by Sunil Bali, 25-11-12

Over lunch last week, the Director of Sales of a FTSE-50 company told me what had made him so successful:

"Whilst other salespeople were visualising, psyching themselves up and doing their affirmations, I was finding out everything I could about my customers and then contacting them with something meaningful to say."

Research in the fields of sports science and occupational psychology clearly show that whilst mental techniques enhance performance, they are no substitute for countless hours of practice and preparation.

If you want to build confidence, build competence.

If you "drill for skill" and mix practice and preparation with a mindset of passion, persistence, patience and playfulness, then gradually the method will produce magic.


I’m not out there for three hours every day just to find out how it feels to sweat – Michael Jordan

There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living – Nelson Mandela

Facts do not cease to exist if they are ignored – Aldous Huxley

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. But the second best time is today – Chinese proverb


Some alternative definitions …..

deduce - the juice from de lemon.

Himalayas – a religious song sung by hens.

flabbergasted - reaction to seeing oneself naked in a mirror.

pessimist – someone who looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

petroleum - floor covering for dog and cat owners.

politician - one who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after.

politics – where truth lies

hunch – a gut feeling you get during lunch.

heirloom – a dead giveaway.

lymph - to walk with a lisp.

shin – what you use to find furniture in the dark

teenager – one whose hang-ups do not include clothes.

volunteer - take on work that makes no cents.

And finally thanks to Paul for this touching love story …..

This 80 year old woman was arrested for shop lifting.

When she went before the judge in Cincinnati he asked her, "What did you steal?"

She replied, "A can of peaches."

The judge then asked her why she had stolen the can of peaches.

She replied that she was hungry.

The judge then asked her how many peaches were in the can.

She replied, "6."

The judge said, "Then I will give you 6 days in jail."

Before the judge could conclude the trial, the woman’s husband spoke upand asked the judge if he could say something.

The judge said, "What is it?"

The husband said, "She also stole a can of peas."

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